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Our Supported Living Options

Senior Living at Raintree Terrace

Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Raintree Terrace is just that: our staff are here to help, but we leave the choice of how you live each day up to you. This approach respects independence while still providing essential services.

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Memory Care

Our Memory Care staff is trained in working with people who have Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We take every measure to make life as fulfilling and engaging as possible for our Memory Care residents.

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Respite Care

Some residents choose to live at Raintree Terrace temporarily to see if it’s a good fit. Others simply need a little help after surgery. Whatever the case, our Respite Care includes the full benefits of Assisted Living without the long-term commitment.

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Growing Together

Do you have a green thumb? Growing Together allows our residents to plant and tend gardens around our community, finding pleasure in enhancing the natural surroundings of Raintree Terrace.

Or maybe you love animals, but not the responsibilities of owning a pet. Growing Together also connects residents to community pets and four-legged friends. Our residents never go long without engaging in a little TLC from cats and dogs if they want a visit from a pet. And our furry friends do more than bring a smile; time with animals is proven to have real health benefits too.

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Resident Enjoying Gardening In Sunny Weather